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g-company joins forces with Xebia!
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Only being able to work from the physical office is a thing of the past. Flexibility is more important than ever, both for an organization and for its employees. g-company facilitates flexible working by providing leading organizations and their teams with anytime, anywhere access to their work environment, simply from their web browser. The efficient web-based workplace optimizes the overall work experience. In the unlikely event you do run into a problem, our Cloud Customer Care™, potential problems are tackled in no time.

The challenge of...


Vfonds had diverse uitdagingen, bijvoorbeeld dat het goedkeuringsproces voor subsidieaanvragen vooral in de hoofden zat van enkele medewerkers, wat een continuïteitsrisico inhield.
The challenge of...

Granny's Finest

Granny's Finest was looking for a tool to stay in touch with volunteers and the elderly that participate in handicraft activities.
The challenge of...


Coffeecompany's biggest challenge was the time spent on reorganizing the information flow to the stores and a smooth the transition to Google Workspace.
The challenge of...

Nederlands Letterenfonds

Nederlands Letterenfonds wanted to review the current setup of Salesforce to get the most out of it.
The challenge of...

Plukon Food Group

Plukon used an outdated version of Novell GroupWise. It was time to try something new.
The challenge of...

Wilde Ganzen

The biggest challenge was project-related: matching the financial contributions and categorized fundraising.
The challenge of...

Challenge Fund for Youth Employment

CFYE required an automated Grant Management Solution and wrote a Request for Proposal.
The challenge of...

Antwerp Fire Brigade

The Antwerp Fire Brigade had an outdated intranet, which - although managed by the communication department - had not been used quite frequently by them nor by the other departments in the past years. It was there and that's about all. The communications department wanted an active and attractive intranet again.
The challenge of...

Vrienden van de Hoop

Foundation Vrienden van de Hoop was looking for a new fundraising application as the old one reached was no longer supported. Hence, an upgrade was necessary. The foundation was indecisive about iFunds and Salesforce.
The challenge of...


In 2019, Aafje was chosen to be the best employer and the challenge is to keep this status. Staying innovative and working with the right tools for supplying healthcare is a big challenge.
The challenge of...


Homerr receives hundreds of emails per day with questions about parcels, registrations of Homerr points and information requests from consumers and web shops. Emails that require a quick response. Structure and overview in the handling of these messages was lacking in order to be able to respond quickly.
The challenge of...


Naturalis was looking to save costs and innovate. Microsoft Office and Exchange were used. “We needed to modernize our systems.”
The challenge of...


The amount of complex processes within Stichting Handicart is considerable. Besides the registration of all members and donors, it was crucial to automate several processes, like connecting the website with the signing up of pass holders.
The challenge of...


fit20 was looking for an IT-platform which enabled quick company growth. Besides, they wanted to replace their MS Small Business Server and Exchange, because management was time-consuming.
The challenge of...


NewMotion was looking for a professional innovation partner and wanted to enhance the usage of Google Workspace.
The challenge of...

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Managing exchange contracts was very time-consuming. All data was in big and complex spreadsheets. Furthermore, there was no data exchange between applications and IT support was barely available.
The challenge of...

DSW Health Insurance

Clear communication and cooperation is key at DSW. Besides, proper security of files is a significant point of attention.
The challenge of...

Kirkman Company

Kirkman Company was looking for the right tool to work efficiënt in the cloud to achieve faster results, both internally and externally.
The challenge of...


From 2012, Randstad offers Google Workspace (previously G Suite) to their employees, but it was not always easy to make employees benefit fully from all available tools. How could they optimize the adoption of all Google Workspace tools?
The challenge of...


Guidion wanted to ensure that its data processing was in accordance with the relevant rules voor data privacy, including the recently introduced GPDR.
The challenge of...


Prato was looking for an appropriate solution for handling customer requests easier, as the old system was outdated due to limited functionality. Prato wanted to find a cloud-based solution for customer contact.
The challenge of...


In a B2B market of sponsors and subsided study projects, a limited amount of potential relations and lots of competing study associations, commercial opportunities were missed due to inadequate registration and follow-up.
The challenge of...


Employees that wanted to check emails or check the drug prescription of clients had to go to the office, away from the people they took care of.
The challenge of...

Stichting Vluchteling

In 2017, the NGO decided to replace their solution for fundraising (iFunds Engage) and invited several suppliers. g-company highlighted Salesforce and got selected.
The challenge of...


Due to COVID-19, employees suddenly had to work from home. And a big problem arose: there was a big shortage of devices with a camera and microphone, which was required to stay in touch with clients remotely.
The challenge of...

Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds

The Ronald McDonald Children Fund wanted (1) to spend less time in editing relationship files, (2) maintain contact with all relationships in an easy way, (3) sharing knowledge and information easier and (4) enable other branches to act at the right moment when sponsor or donor opportunities arise.
The challenge of...

Mama Cash

Mama Cash wanted to implement Salesforce for fundraising and was looking for an experienced partner.
The challenge of...


The Travix companies all had their own email infrastructures, based on Microsoft Exchange. Consolidating this into one common mail platform proved to be extremely cumbersome and time consuming. Time pressure was high as the mail servers ran out of their lifecycle.
The challenge of...

DPG Media

With operations in three countries and several divisions, cooperating became more and more challenging for DPG Media. A few divisions were already familiar with the apps of Google Workspace. DPG needed an implementation partner.
The challenge of...

Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid

The Dutch Institute for video and audio wanted to save money on existing servers, licences and management and at the same time offer employees an innovative and future-proof workspace, which instigated cooperation and knowledge sharing within the organization.
The challenge of...

Jimmy Nelson Foundation

As is the same with other internationally-minded organisations, the challenge for the Jimmy Nelson Foundation was staying connected which each other, as well as being available all the time. Furthermore, they own a lot of valuable visual material, which has to be stored safely in a structured manner.
The challenge of...

VBO Makelaar

A few years ago, VBO Makelaar had selected Salesforce as their new CRM-solution. The implementation was done by an unexperienced partner, which led to a suboptimal implementation.
The challenge of...

The Dutch Police

Police employees wanted to work more flexible, at moments they chose themselves. Privacy and safety are then crucial.
The challenge of...

Antwerp Fire Brigade

During emergencies it was practically not possible for firefighters to access files on the spot. Back in the control room, file and folder creation was too time-consuming during the most critical phase of the operation.
The challenge of...


Is it safe to access client data stored in the cloud? No, was their initial answer. And this had to be solved.
The challenge of...


Doedijns was looking for cost savings and simultaneously wanted to innovate. Microsoft Exchange and Outlook were used.
The challenge of...


At the end of 2016, Hersenstichting asked g-company the following question: can you automate our target spending system in Salesforce?
The challenge of...


Leprazending was looking for a way to replace iFunds and opted for Salesforce for project management and fundraising.

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Improve employee satisfaction

Improve security and protection

Acquire new talent

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Chrome Management Kickstart

This solution revolves around the ins & outs of managing several Chrome Devices via the Chrome Management portal.
Chrome Devices, Chrome Enterprise

Salesforce: Programme Management for Non-Profit Cloud

Gain more insight into your programme portfolio and focus on impact.

Salesforce: Cloud Start Programme Management

Kickstart your programme management towards insight, transparency and impact

Salesforce: Marketing Automation for Non-Profit Cloud

Increase your impact with Salesforce pardot: connect with donors and get more insight in what your marketing efforts bring you.

Salesforce Admin on Demand

Sometimes you just need a few extra hands to keep your Salesforce in great shape, for instance when a manager is out of office. Our Salesforce Admin on Demand is the solution.

Fundraising for Non-Profit Cloud

Enhance your impact by a 360-degree overview of all donors and build personal relationships with them.

Cloud Start: Fundraising for Non-Profit Cloud

Discover how you can free more energy to achieve your mission and how you can help focus your organization on impact.

Google Workspace Compliance Workshop

This workshop focuses on the right documentation and Google Workspace configuration and implements relevant privacy and safety measures.
Google Workspace

Google Workspace Adoption

The goal of this programme is to help existing Google Workspace users with the adoption of all Google Workspace apps in order to get the most out of Google Workspace.
Google Workspace

Google Workspace: Mail & Agenda

g-company assists your company to start working in the cloud with Gmail, Google Calendar & Google Contacts.
Google Workspace

Freshworks Training

g-company offers training and certification to benefit from the full potential of Freshworks, with both technical skills and best practices.
Freshcaller, Freshchat, Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshteam, Freshworks, Freshworks CRM


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Awarded social intranet with personalized content, business applications and social communities.

Antwerp Fire Brigade: LumApps Intranet makes the spark fly

Foundation Vrienden van de Hoop: deciding between iFunds and Salesforce

Prato: great customer support with Freshdesk

Randstad: “Google to the max”

Travix: from Microsoft to Google Cloud


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