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G Suite Summer Class

  • g-company Belgium 20t Schaliënhoevedreef Mechelen, Vlaanderen, 2800 Belgium (map)

get more out of G Suite

After last year's success, we're organizing the G Suite Summer Class again this summer. With this training, we're aiming to help organizations deepen their knowledge of G Suite, so they can collaborate easier and smarter in the cloud.


A full force G Suite Training covering the main Google apps such as mail, calendar, hangouts, drive, docs, sheets and slides. The G Suite training is split into two modules, each covering one half day.

The purpose is to deliver high quality and user-centric training to boost productivity with G Suite. That's why we will limit attendees to a maximum of 8 persons per module.

You can choose to follow one module or both.

Module 1 (starts at 9:00am) - G Suite Communication (Mail, Calendar, Hangouts and Google Plus)


  • Gmail: The goal is not just to understand and use Google Mail and its specific functionalities, but also to discover how Google Mail helps process emails more efficiently.

  • Google Calendar: Google Calendar has interesting features to simplify scheduling meetings and checking multiple calendars.

  • Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts can save you so much time in so many ways. Why not organise a video call instead of a physical meeting? Why not send a direct message instead of an email?

  • Google Plus: Google Plus is a great community builder and can be used as an internal social platform or "social intranet" for sharing knowledge and ideas with your colleagues and peers.

Module 2 (starts at 13:30) - G Suite Collaboration (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms)


  • Google Drive is a game changer when it comes to document management and mobility of your workforce.

  • Google Docs is extremely powerful to boost collaboration. How does Google Docs differentiate from Word and why would you use it?

  • Google Sheets is so far ahead when it comes to real-time collaboration, data analytics and artificial intelligence. How does Google Sheets differentiate from Excel and why would you use it?

  • Google Slides: How often is a presentation made by more than one person? How does machine learning help build presentations faster in Google Slides?

  • Google Forms is amazing for collecting data, building questionnaires, creating registration forms,... and it is so easy. If known properly, this can easily digitize a lot of paper forms.


A lot of our G Suite customers have new recruits or need a refresher Google training. An on-site training, however, would be overkill. Other organizations want specific people to be G Suite experts to support other users.

The G Suite Summer Class is the ideal way to train 1 to 5 people in your company without a large impact on the day to day operations.


Anyone in need of Google training. Ideal for:

  • New employees

  • People who want to extend their knowledge of G Suite

  • People who need refreshment training

  • The training is given by our consultant Jonas Aerts.

Please note: The G Suite training will be primarily in Dutch (English is also possible should there be English participants).

how much?

€ 185 per person (ex. VAT) for one module of choice: communication or collaboration (half day training). Included in the ticket price: coffee/tea, a snack and drink

€ 285 per person (ex. VAT) for both modules (full day training). Included in the ticket price: lunch, coffee/tea, a snack and drink

The purpose is to deliver high quality and user-centric training to boost productivity with G Suite. That's why we will limit attendees to a maximum of 8 persons per module. g-company has the right to cancel a session if there are less than 4 registrants. Every registrant will be fully reimbursed (registration pricing) or offered another date should a cancellation takes place.

Jonas copy.png

about the trainer: Jonas Aerts

"Coming from a background in HR applications / Training & Development, I am passionate about helping people think about how we work. To see whether we can optimize what we do in any which way possible.

We often 'get by' at work due to many factors. We lack the time to think about what we do. We inherited a way of work from previous colleagues. Or we carry over experience from previous jobs. Well, what if I were to tell you that there is an entirely other world out there?! One in which technology changes 'getting by' into 'getting ahead'. By making collaborating a lot easier, less time consuming, more fun and best of all: more efficient!

That is the message I would like to share, when you join the G Suite Summer Class.

Hope to see you then!"