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cloud discover: machine learning and AI

explore machine learning and AI on Google Cloud Platform, and discover their value for your business

In a hands-on, interactive workshop you will learn how to apply Google's machine learning and AI products. With a dataset provided by you, the contents of the workshop can be tailored to your specific business.

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the workshop will cover several of Google's Machine Learning and AI building blocks.

  • AI APIs: ready-to-use, pre-trained models

  • AutoML: a suite of models available to be customized and trained with minimum effort and machine learning expertise

  • BigQuery ML: makes large machine learning projects accessible to all by enabling users to build models using standard SQL queries



  • interest in machine learning and AI

  • fundamental understanding of data analytics on Google Cloud Platform



  • a general understanding of the range of machine learning and AI products and tools provided by Google Cloud Platform

  • insights in the methods to develop, implement, and deploy machine learning and AI models in a fast and scalable way

  • basic knowledge to start working with machine learning and AI on Google Cloud Platform



Business users, such as data engineers, data scientists, data analysts, developers, CTOs, machine learning specialists and ambassadors, looking for in-depth insights in machine learning and applicable AI, offered on Google Cloud



4 hours, for max. 10 people


scope and pricing
EUR 2000




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