Cloud Discover: machine learning and AI

explore machine learning and AI on Google Cloud Platform and discover the best course of action for your business

In hands-on, interactive workshops you will learn how to apply Google's machine learning and AI services to your organization. We will help you identify feasible business cases and the optimal machine learning scenario, to create immediate value for your organization.

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The workshops contain the following elements:

  • business case identification
    In a brainstorm session with your team we generate three high priority business cases that can be tackled with machine learning. For each business case potential machine learning solutions will be identified.

  • data exploration
    We will assess if current data (quality) meets the criteria for machine learning.

  • track selection
    Based on the business case and the data assessment we will select what scenario provides the best fit.

    • ML and AI APIs

    • AutoML and/or BigQuery ML

    • Custom ML model



  • no prerequisites required



  • advice and next steps documents

  • a general understanding of the portfolio of machine learning and AI services and tools provided by Google Cloud Platform

  • insights in the methods for developing, implementing, and deploying machine learning and AI models in a fast and scalable way



As machine learning enables any organization to create deeper insights from data and even predict future events, the workshops facilitate a diversity of business cases for any business.

  • Sales managers who want to predict upsells

  • Marketing managers who expect to maximize the return from advertisement spending

  • Product managers who want to recommend the best product to their client.



1 or 2 days


scope and pricing
EUR 5000




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