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Cloud Optimize: Containers & Kubernetes

use containers to streamline your development process, and orchestrate them in Kubernetes clusters

Containerization allows your development teams to move fast, deploy software efficiently, and operate at scale.

By providing automated container orchestration and efficient machine management, Kubernetes improves your reliability, and reduces the time and resources attributed to DevOps.

Together with your team, g-company will identify and implement a suitable Proof of Concept (PoC). Our aim is to increase the pace of development in a secure and fault tolerant environment.


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key activities

  • training to bring the customer team up to speed with the latest container technology on Google Cloud Platform

  • discovery of the application landscape, identification of applications fit for containerization and prioritization, designing a suitable PoC afterward

  • selection of the optimal container hosting solution: managed vs unmanaged

  • optimization of the application for a cloud-native environment (become stateless, fast start-up)

  • reduction of the application footprint by decomposing it into separate components (microservices architecture)

  • definition of a multi-tenant architecture

  • design of continuous deployment processes

  • implementation of PoC



  • the company has already taken a few first steps into the cloud

  • understanding of what containerized workloads are

  • experience in cloud architecture and technologies



  • blueprint of the current architecture and infrastructure, and a plan to containerize a part of this architecture

  • end-to-end working PoC (collaboration between g-company & customer)

  • concept of CI/CD pipeline (as part of PoC)



  • Companies with infrastructure already in the cloud, ready to take the next step: becoming cloud native.
    We typically work with the development and infrastructure teams to analyze and implement the PoC.



  • 4 weeks, depending on the scope of the exercise


scope and pricing

10.000 euro



Contact us

phone +31 30 711 0940 (NL) | +32 92 982045 (BE) or mail solutions@g.company