Cloud Sprint - machine learning and AI

identify and implement a proof of concept to demonstrate the power of machine learning and AI on Google Cloud Platform

A short and intensive collaboration to identify key areas where your business could benefit from machine learning and to build a proof of concept to demonstrate how Google's machine learning and AI services can accelerate the journey from raw data to valuable predictive insights.

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key activities

  • Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals Training: Big Data & Machine Learning

  • kickoff workshop

    • understand the capabilities of Google Cloud Platform

    • discuss several key business cases

    • identify the proof of concept

    • outline a plan of action

  • agile design and implementation of the solution

  • demonstration of the proof of concept

  • creation of next steps document



  • clear vision of how you want to evolve your business

  • ideas on how ML could help

  • interest in machine learning and AI



  • a hands-on understanding of the range of machine learning and AI services and tools provided by Google Cloud Platform

    • AI APIs: ready-to-use, pre-trained models

    • AutoML: a suite of models available to be customized and trained with minimum of effort and machine learning expertise 

    • BigQuery ML: the capability in BigQuery that allows users to build and deploy models using standard SQL queries 

  • insights in the methods to develop, implement, and deploy machine learning and AI models in a fast and scalable way

  • concrete knowledge to start working with machine learning and AI on Google Cloud Platform

  • a working example of how to turn data into predictive insights on Google Cloud Platform



data engineers, data scientists, data analysts, developers, CTOs, machine learning specialists and ambassadors, looking for in-depth insights in machine learning and applicable AI, offered on Google Cloud



Proof of Concept: 6 days
Training: 1 day


scope and pricing
Proof of Concept: € 12.000,-

Training online: Free
Or training at your location: € 2.000,- 



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