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agile cloud application development

optimize your core business processes by creating a custom built, easy-to-use web or mobile application in the cloud


Our Agile Cloud Application Development Solution lets you validate, build and test business applications in the cloud. Your project team and management will collaborate closely with our local scrum master. Using our rightshore model for leveraging local experts and offshore resources, this will result in the most efficient and cost effective development. 

Where possible, we will leverage existing technologies, APIs, assets and resources, in order to avoid reinventing the wheel and to protect your investments.


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key activities

  • ensure thorough understanding and validation of your concepts and ideas by the support of our solution architect

  • define scope of the application (MVP)

  • provide realistic estimation and deliver targeted project approach

  • provide Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals and Scrum methodology training

  • setup agile project: assign roles such as product owner and scrum master, define governance and configure tooling

  • setup the bi-weekly sprints with design sessions, sprint meetings, stand-up meetings, testing and retrospectives

  • kickstart agile development



  • your company has a process it wants to optimize and expand to gain a competitive advantage

  • a team of experts with a deep knowledge of the current processes / solutions, and with a vision on the required functionality of the application

  • your company understands the benefits of Cloud Computing (scalability, security, rich set of existing APIs)



  • a validated cloud architecture for your application

  • a blueprint containing a detailed and up to date description of the application

  • finished and production-ready components with each sprint

  • a robust cloud backend based on Google Cloud Platform Infrastructure

  • attractive user interface on web and mobile devices



  • Organizations looking to optimize core business processes and thus gaining a competitive advantage.



Depending on the scope of the cloud application development project, the duration will typically range from a few weeks to a few months.


scope and pricing

g-company will propose a blended scrum team of local experts and offshore resources sized for your scope and optimized for cost. 



Johan De Boel, Managing Director Tentoo Belgium: “To our organization it is more than an added value. The platform simply ís our company.”

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