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Cloud Start: Analytics & BI

become a (even more) data-driven company by creating an affordable
data warehouse and running your business analytics on Google Cloud

This compact project will help you select a business case and create a working Proof of Concept. It will show your
organization why & how to improve your management information systems with Google Cloud. During a series of hands-on
workshops, your team will gain practical knowledge of the relevant Google Cloud tools.

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key activities

  • select a business case and define success criteria
  • create a data pipeline, with a select set of data sources (i.e. from operational / production, financial, or HR systems) into Google Cloud
  • learn how to analyze and transform your data sources automatically with DataPrep
  • explore other tools for automating a data pipeline at scale
  • create a basic data warehouse on Google BigQuery
  • build interactive reports with Google Data Studio
  • optionally connect other analytics and visualization tools onto your data warehouse on Google Cloud


  • basic knowledge of Google Cloud (possible preparation by following these training sessions: “GCP Fundamentals - Core Infrastructure”, “GCP Fundamentals - Big Data & Machine Learning”, “From Data to Insights with GCP”)
  • knowledge of the business logic and information flows
  • basic database (SQL) knowledge
  • access to, or administration over, relevant applications or data sources, selected for the business case


  • (semi) automated data pipeline(s) into Google Cloud
  • a basic data warehouse on BigQuery, optionally with access layers / segments
  • interactive reports in Data Studio, with insights of your management information 


Data Analysts, Management responsible for business information, Database Admins (and preferably, a combination of those roles)



4 to 8 weeks


scope and pricing

EUR 8000 - 10000



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