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Google Marketing Data Cloud

combine existing marketing data, unlock valuable insights,
and connect with your customers in a smarter, more personal way

Google’s Marketing Data Cloud solution helps you across your entire marketing journey, from audience analytics, content management and experience personalization, to campaign management, measurement and testing.

Google has a rich experience in digital marketing / advertising, and its advertising platforms (DoubleClick, YouTube and Adwords) are widely adopted. Each one generates unique datasets.

We will assist you in harvesting and enriching data from many sources, in getting actionable insights and in creating high-value customer journeys.


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key activities

  • define a plan for marketing optimization strategy

  • use Data Transfer to bring your data points from multiple sources together, use Google Cloud Storage to store that data in an efficient, cost effective and scalable way

  • use Cloud Pub/Sub for real-time data

  • use Dataprep to clean up your data

  • deploy using Dataflow

  • use with Dataproc for a faster, easier, more cost-effective way to run Spark and Hadoop

  • gather data from multiple sources into BigQuery

  • use BigQuery for analytics to help you make sense of your customer

  • use Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence to develop models that help you build comprehensive customer profiles, and get deep insight from the data; insight you can then share across the organization (Data Studio), and leverage in your digital marketing strategy

  • design and build dashboards in Data Studio



  • your company understands the importance of unlocking insights from your marketing data

  • you have a large enough set of existing marketing data, such as Google Analytics data and CRM data



  • new insights enable you to derive significant value from your digital marketing strategy

  • selected chapters from the course ‘From Data to Insights with Google Cloud Platform’ to get your team up to speed with the Google Data Analytics tools

  • marketing data dashboards in Data Studio

  • a plan for marketing optimization strategy



  • CMO

  • Marketing team

  • Data Scientists involved in marketing data



5 days


scope and pricing

5.000 euro



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