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Provision through code virtual machines, networks, user access and other infrastructure

As a key component in DevOps, Infrastructure-as-code lets you build, manage and provision cloud infrastructure by describing it in human-language and machine-readable code.

Via a simple commit to the code repository, your infrastructure is automatically built, managed and provisioned. This cloud native process leads to increased agility, repeatability and higher business continuity. Rigorous audit trails allow you to closely monitor evolutions and changes. The actual code becomes the documentation of your infrastructure at the same time.

The concept and tools are mature now. Organizations are currently figuring out how to implement them. g-company helps to take the next step to Infrastructure-as-code by analyzing your current infrastructure, architecting the future cloud environment and selecting the right tools.

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key activities

  • training on infrastructure-as-code concepts, scoping of the first implementation and determination of the North star

  • selection of possible tooling options

  • integration with code repository and CI/CD system

  • scoping of PoC

  • implementation of PoC



  • the company has taken the first steps into the cloud

  • experience in cloud architecture and technologies

  • strong drive to have automation at the base of your processes / infrastructure

  • basic level programming / scripting



  • blueprint codebase containing (re)usable and extendible code

  • end-to-end working PoC (collaboration between g-company & customer)

  • concept of CI/CD pipeline (as part of PoC)



Companies that seek to expand their manageability and scalability of complex IT infrastructures while keeping overhead and costs under control



4 weeks, depending on the scope of the exercise


scope and pricing

€ 10.000



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