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Lift and Shift

migrate and run your current workloads on Google Cloud Platform

Migrate and run your Windows and Linux infrastructure and your applications (SAP, Microsoft, etc.) in the cloud, and take advantage of the flexibility, scalability and security of Google Cloud Platform.

During a Lift and Shift program, your team and g-company engage in an intensive collaboration to discover, plan, design and execute the migration of your current infrastructure to the cloud. The primary focus is to move your infrastructure to the cloud as-is and with minimal changes. Cloud native improvements will be applied at a later stage.


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key activities


  • Understand current infrastructure, review and discuss target infrastructure and requirements

  • Examine relevant architectures and use cases

design and plan

  • Finalize the proposed architecture from the initial workshops

  • Provide a detailed design and implementation plan for network architecture, identity and access management, resource management, user and group provisioning, billing, monitoring, and security policies

  • All this is done in accordance with the best practices from Google and g-company

migration and deployment
Once the technical design and implementation plan are finished, the actual migration is executed:

  • Setup of Google Cloud Platform environment (domain, groups, projects, network, resources)

  • Live migration of the systems, using top-notch migration tools

  • Redeployment and configuration of systems (if necessary)

  • Technical testing of the new cloud infrastructure

  • Functional user testing

  • Sunset legacy infrastructure

next steps
During lift and shift, we identify and inventorize opportunities to fully benefit from public cloud infrastructure. This will help you become increasingly cloud native at the later “Improve” stage, while also reducing resource cost, and becoming more efficient.



  • Cloud start: Infrastructure

  • Your company understands the benefits of Cloud Computing, and has decided to migrate a part or the entire infrastructure to the cloud

  • A team of experts with deep knowledge of current network, infrastructure and application implementation is available to kickstart the process

  • Access to the organization’s internal infrastructure



  • Training: Architecting with Google Cloud Platform: Infrastructure

  • In-depth analysis of current infrastructure, network and application

  • Architecture and design of your cloud infrastructure

  • Setup of the base infrastructure for hosting current and future workloads

  • Migration of all workloads, applications and data to the new cloud infrastructure

  • List of identified future improvements



  • Business & IT Management who benefit from the impact of Cloud Computing for their company workloads

  • Subject matter experts in the following domains: architecting, networking, infrastructure, IAM, DNS



Depending on the complexity, lift and shift programs typically range from a few days to multiple weeks


scope and pricing

Pricing will be agreed upon by customer and g-company



Travix: “In order to speed up our growth, we have transferred all our applications and IT to the Google cloud.”

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