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App Maker

automate business processes using Google Cloud App Maker

G Suite offers tools to communicate, collaborate, and create content. But what about your business processes?

App Maker, Google's low-code development platform, allows you to automate your business processes, accelerate workflows, and scale internal operations. Best of all, it is included in G Suite Business, Enterprise and Education. g-company provides a complete set of services to help your organization fully implement the power of App Maker.


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key activities

Get to know the features of Google App Maker during a live development demonstration. After a demonstration, you will have the opportunity to develop your own application in only 2 hours, by following a tutorial. This hands-on experience helps you familiarize with the building blocks offered by App Maker.

workshop business requirements
The goal of the Business Requirements workshop is figuring out how Google App Maker can support your business processes. This is done in 3 steps:

  • understanding the business process

  • presenting building blocks to automate the process

  • refining, rationalizing and improving the business process

application development
This activity is started with an agile approach. The application is created in short time cycles (sprints). The starting point is the user interface, to fully involve the business in the development. After development, an internal test and user acceptance test are organized, to improve overall quality and acceptance.

g-company can provide support on all questions or issues you face with Google App Maker.



  • G Suite expert knowledge

  • Basic coding skills, preferably JavaScript

  • G Suite domain should be Business, Enterprise or Education



  • Familiarity with App Maker (training result)

  • Process description (workshop outcome)

  • Application (development result)



Every organization that uses G Suite and has the need to improve internal processes via automation. Attendees preferably have an understanding of business processes, as well as basic IT understanding.



App Maker Training & Workshop 1 day: 4 hours training & 4 hours workshop


scope and pricing

  • App Maker training is 1 day, max 3 attendees

  • Business workshop usually takes 1 day

  • Development Pricing will be agreed upon by customer and g-company based on the outcome of the workshop



INBO: β€œIn a matter of days, we replaced some of our Access applications by App Maker, offering central visibility on its usage as well as G Suite security.”

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