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G Suite Adoption

collaborate easier, communicate better

The goal of this program is to help you, as an existing G Suite user, to increase the adoption of all G Suite applications. Furthermore, we help investigate if an upgrade to G Suite Business would bring additional value to your organization.

There are various benefits to be gained, from getting more out of the G Suite applications, to making collaboration easier and improving communication.

Especially customers who are on G Suite Basic will benefit from this program.


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key activities

  • thoroughly analysing current G Suite usage (interviews, user surveys and admin panel analysis)

  • creating an Adoption Status Report

  • discussing and defining projects, selecting resources and creating a project timeline

  • implementing the first project(s)

  • reviewing the project(s)

  • implementing other project(s)

  • rethinking and relaunching



  • you are an existing G Suite customer

  • some G Suite tools are not in use

  • some G Suite features are not sufficiently known

  • collaboration within the organization could improve

  • big differences in adoption within the user  population



  • Adoption Status Report

  • project plan for improvement

  • feasibility analysis of G Suite Basic to Business upgrade

  • training & workshops plan



  • Every medium-size (>100) and large (>500) customer, and especially those who use Gmail and Calendar but never ran a training program or any other adoption activities for Google Drive and Docs



1 month


scope and pricing

Consultancy operates in cycles of two or four weeks, depending on the size of the organization. Rates (€ 125,- p/h)



Amstelring - "Even those who were hesitant at first, are becoming increasingly convinced. Co-workers are starting to have fun with G Suite.”


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phone +31 30 711 0940 (NL) | +32 92 982045 (BE) or mail solutions@g.company