Advice project G Suite GDPR-ready

How G Suite can contribute to safe working in accordance with the new GDPR / AVG legislation

The objective of the Transformation Advisory service is to engage and encourage working safe and secure with the G Suite products according to the AVG (GDPR) laws.

On 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force. The GDPR strengthens the rights that individuals have regarding personal data relating to them and seeks to unify data protection laws across Europe, regardless of where that data is processed.

g-company is committed to help Google customers to become GDPR compliant across Google Cloud services. The workshop focus on getting the correct documentation and configuration in place to implement relevant privacy and security protections. The GDPR workshop range from contract agreement, GDPR documentation, user instruction and awareness as well as technical configuration to adhere the requirements.

key activities.png

key activities

The following topics will be covered in the workshop:

> Introduction to GDPR & Google
> GDPR documentation
> Configuration options for Google Administrator



> A data protection officer DPA (someone with an independent position within the company)
> Customer GDPR insight and awareness
> GDPR documents and lists prepared by g-company and partners
> Having read necessary Google papers on privacy & security in Admin Console



> A processing contract updated
> Configuration advice for G Suite
> Guidance (report) to ‘way of working’ awareness
> Consultancy to achieve above   



Every organisation who wants to be GDPR compliant and has not documented and configured the relevant GDPR requirements.



Depending on the organisation size and complexity 1 to multiple days. Contact g-company to get a personal offer.


scope and pricing

> Consulting hours
> Upgrade to G Suite business or Enterprise per user
> ‘Light’-version (1 day max) or advanced-reports (2 days minimum) of training/consulting
> Pricing will be agreed upon by customer, g-company, partners (Qhuba) and Google (licenses)  and specified in the applicable Ordering Document



“The clear description of the impact of GDPR and the pragmatic approach during the workshop helped me to become GDPR proof using G Suite”

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