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G Suite: Mail & Agenda

work easily in Google Cloud with Gmail, Google Calendar & Google Contacts

g-company assists your company to start working in the cloud with Gmail, Google Calendar & Google Contacts

Switching is fast and without data loss. After setting up and migrating mail, calendar & contacts, you will work safely and effectively with the Google services on any device at any place at any time.

Users are well prepared and optimally supported for their new online workplace.

Another benefit: you won't have any system admin problems. No maintenance costs. No fuss. Safe and scalable. Everywhere, always and on every device.


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key activities

  • deployment workshop

  • guidance of Core IT group

  • creation and support of Early Adopters Team

  • global go-live

  • end user training and support



  • articulated need, budget and timeframe

  • support for project across the organization

  • backing from key decision makers

  • access to the legacy systems for the purpose of  data migration

  • inventory of users, groups, mail applications, etc.  



  • project management

  • change management, communication plan and trainingsplan

  • technical consultancy & set-up

  • licences

  • training

  • aftercare & support



  • every organization that wants to benefit from innovative cloud mail and calendar functionality and in the future maybe also to use a cloud file storage solution like Google drive

  • every organization that needs to replace its mail server or other on-premises IT

  • organizations that want to leverage G Suite as a replacement for their current solution(s)

  • organizations that want to promote privately used G Suite applications (Hangouts, Drive, Google+, etc.) to their professional working environment



3-5 days of consultancy up to 100 users (after extensive intake)

More than 100 users, we first do a deployment workshop


scope and pricing

Pricing will be agreed upon by customer and g-company



Hans Wanders, former CIO Randstad - "With G Suite, we are best equipped to communicate and collaborate faster and more globally, enabling us to increase productivity and serve our customers faster.”


Contact us

phone +31 30 711 0940 (NL) | +32 92 982045 (BE) or mail solutions@g.company