Google Jamboard

A powerful smartboard for collaboration in the cloud.

jamboard whiteboard.png

the whiteboard reimagined

Jamboard combines the creativity of a whiteboard with the connectivity of an interactive canvas. Increase productivity in meetings from everywhere.

jamboard collaborate.png

revolutionize collaboration

Work while seeing the same screen, whether you're in a meeting room with colleagues or across the world, participating on the mobile app. 

jamboard creativity.png

get creative during meetings

Use Jamboard to sketch ideas, add photos, notes and pull assets from the web. Creatively collaborate to find new solutions and strategies.

jamboard integrate.png

seamless G Suite integration

Access and pull information from popular Google Apps with the touch of a finger. Import content from Google Docs or communicate through Hangouts, all seamlessly integrated and saved through Google's G Suite.


jam in 4K

Jamboard's 55 inch 4K Ultra High Definition screen makes for clear viewing. It's highly portable with a specialised stand and only requires one cable to connect.

jamboard implementation.png

full implementation support

Implementing Jamboard for a small team or across multiple locations? g-company will help you set up and implement Jamboard with your other Google solutions.

Want to start jamming with your team? Contact us for more information and pricing.