why monday.com?

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Are you tired of overcomplicated project management tools, and keeping track of various to do lists scattered around on paper and online? Then take a look at monday.com, which was developed to make project management easy, transparent and fun, while increasing your productivity in the process.

You can set up your own customizable boards on monday.com, invite the right team members to the appropriate boards, and divide the tasks to make collaborating a breeze. Use the overview to get an idea of the bigger picture and progress of a certain project. Furthermore, all conversations, relevant files, checklists and more are kept in one place, making it easier to follow up on a project.

The best part of it all? monday is cloud-based, meaning you can follow up on deadlines and keep up to date wherever you are, on whichever device you are using. All you need is a working internet connection. Seamlessly switch between your computer and phone with the monday.com app.

can’t wait to get started?

g-company is your Belgium-based knowledge partner for taking your Monday.com skills to the next level.

You can join one of our weekly free webinars, which are ideal to onboard new team-members. In these webinars, you can learn about the newest features released by the monday-lab, for instance, as we show you how to best use them. You can also gain insight into the endless customization-possibilities of the different templates and boards that monday.com has to offer. Most of all, during these webinars you can get your questions addressed by our monday.com specialists.