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Hourly Planner

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With this installation manual you will be able to set up Hourly Planner in your account in just 4 steps.

Step 1

Install the app

The g-company Hourly Planner view can be installed  for a free 14-day trial using the link below. This requires admin access to your account.

Step 2

Configure the app

Once installed, a new view will be available to add to your boards, called Hourly Planner.

Step 3


When adding this view, you’ll be asked to configure the board columns you want to use for visualizing the calendar appointments through the view settings.

Start & end date

You will be asked to select two columns of the type date to identify the start and the end of the calendar appointment to be visualized in the calendar.

Color by

You can select a ‘people column’ in your board. Appointments for the same people with have the same colour in the calendar.



You can select a location column to be shown in the appointment just below the other selected fields. 

Phone number


You can select a phone number column to be shown in the appointment just below the other selected fields. 

Need additional fields?

In case you have other item details you would like to appear in the calendar appointment in addition to the aforementioned options, feel free to chat with us as we allow for this kind of customization included in the subscription fee.

Step 4

Fill your calendar

When your fields are all set, you can start using your calendar. You can add appointments to your calendar straight from the hourly planner view and integrate your calendar in your workflow. 

Questions or suggestions?

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