marketing automation for nonprofit cloud

increase your impact with Salesforce’s Pardot

Want to truly connect with your donors and other constituents? Lack insight in the ROI of your marketing efforts?

With our marketing automation for nonprofit cloud solution you gain insight in the behavior of your supporters. You are able to connect with them in a personalized way, creating content depending on the phase of the donor journey they are in.

Marketing automation for nonprofit cloud allows online marketing professionals to learn more about the user stories of its supporters, and subsequently nurture their information needs at any stage of the donor/volunteer journey through relevant messaging and personalized content with Salesforce’s Pardot.


key activities.png

key activities

g-company helps determine the scope of your project, and works out the steps for a phased approach.

This always begins with a quick start, where we empower your marketing team with the tools to work with Pardot, Salesforce's marketing automation solution. Subsequently we work together to build sophisticated automated journeys.

Activities can include:

  • assessment workshop

  • technical setup Pardot

  • integration with Salesforce

  • initial prospect import

  • onsite training sessions

  • customer journeys

  • event management

  • lead scoring and grading



  • your organization understands the benefits of having all data stored in one place, and wants to explore the opportunities for increasing impact with marketing automation

  • basic understanding of marketing automation

  • your organization currently works with or will soon be working with Salesforce

  • your marketing team has the ambition and resources to automate marketing to increase impact



  • seamless integration with you Salesforce CRM

  • gain insight into the behavior of your supporters

  • spend less time on repetitive tasks

  • gain insight in ROI of your marketing efforts

  • relevant and personalized communication with your supporters



  • nonprofit organizations



Typical duration is 3 to 4 months


scope and pricing

Scope and pricing will be agreed upon by customer and g-company

To give you an idea, our quickstart contains:

  1. Technical setup Pardot

  2. Connecting Pardot with Salesforce

  3. Initial prospect import

Price: € 3.000



Leprazending: "I love working with Pardot because the interface is to-the-point, intuitive and organized. Much thought was put into the internal coherency of the various elements in the automation toolkit.

If you’re digitally proficient, you’ll have your first donor driven journey up and running in no time. And you’ll immediately start thinking about the next one!”

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