Programme Management for Nonprofit Cloud

gain more insight into your programme portfolio and focus on impact

Lack insight in your programme portfolio? Experience poor data quality? Spend a lot of time on preparing reports for donors?

Using Programme Management for Nonprofit Cloud, means that manual data entry can be phased out, for better data quality and validation at input. Additionally, you can set goals for your organization, and measure impact and pipeline targets against them.

Programme management will be a breeze, allowing you to spend less time on administration and focus on your core activities instead.


key activities.png

key activities

g-company helps you determine the scope of the project, and work out the steps for a phased approach. We work by using reference processes that are based on ample  previous experience. Activities include:

  • requirements workshops

  • process workshops

  • technical implementation

  • data migration

  • training



  • articulated need, budget and timeframe

  • support for project across the organization

  • backing from key decision makers

  • access to the legacy systems for the purpose of  data migration

  • inventory of users, groups, mail applications, etc.



  • get more insight in your project portfolio and pipeline

  • have full accountability on your application process

  • spend less time on administrative tasks

  • free more energy for your mission and focus on impact

  • take the next step with our Cloud Start solution

  • create transparency for donors and other stakeholders



  • non-profit organizations doing projects or grant management



20 - 80 days of consultancy
Typical duration is 3 to 4 months


scope and pricing

Scope and pricing will be agreed upon by customer and g-company



Hersenstichting - "All internally and externally involved persons now always have 100% insight into the applications and current projects. A solution we are pretty proud of!”


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