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g-company zet zich in om organisaties te helpen transformeren en flexibeler te worden.

Hiervoor hebben wij een reeks oplossingen ontwikkeld die onafhankelijk kunnen worden geïmplementeerd, in jouw tempo en in de volgorde die past bij jouw reis richting een moderne architectuur.

Onze oplossingen zijn gebaseerd op de innovatieve platforms van Google Cloud, Salesforce, Freshworks en Lumapps. Klik hier om meer te lezen over deze partnerschappen.


g-company is committed to helping organizations transform and become more flexible.

We developed a set of solutions that can be implemented independently, at your pace and in a sequence that fits your path to a modern architecture.

Our solutions are based on the innovative platforms of Google Cloud, Salesforce, Freshworks and Lumapps. Click here to read more about these partnerships.




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plan & deploy

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Cloud Start: Infrastructure

  • kickstarting your evaluation of Google Cloud Platform
  • gaining insight into your current infrastructure and architecture
  • identifying workloads suitable for Google Cloud Platform
  • defining a powerful business case with a corresponding proof of concept
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Cloud Sprint: minimal viable model

  • helping you make the infrastructure surrounding a machine learning algorithm
  • gathering the data from the front end, putting it into training data files to train ML models
  • making a trained algorithm that addresses the selected business problem
  • planning the implementation with a deployment plan for the customer to use
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G Suite Compliance & Security Workshop

  • providing an introduction to G Suite and GDPR
  • assessing and creating GDPR documentation
  • explaining configuration options for Google Administrator, and recommending settings for G Suite
  • updating the Data Processing Agreement, as well as privacy and security documents
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Cloud Discover: Google Data Studio

  • discover and discuss the data tools of Google Cloud Platform and its possibilities for your business
  • learn how to connect, build, explore and share interactive visualizations with your organization
  • understand the different ways of sharing and protecting access to your data
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Cloud Start: Analytics & BI

  • selecting a business case, defining success criteria and creating a data pipeline
  • learning how to analyze and transform your data sources automatically with DataPrep
  • exploring other tools for automating a scaled data pipeline
  • creating a basic data warehouse on Google BigQuery
  • building interactive reports with Google Data Studio
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cloud start: fundraising for nonprofit cloud

  • optimized process diagrams for the to-be processes
  • gain insight into the behavior of your supporters
  • insight into required information model
  • analysis of the various fundraising solutions that are available for the Salesforce platform, and an overview of modules needed
  • create a roadmap for a successful, phased implementation of a fundraising solution
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Cloud Discover: ML & AI

  • identify three high priority business cases that can be tackled with machine learning in a brainstorm session with your team
  • assess if current data (quality) meets the criteria for machine learning
  • select what scenario provides the best fit, based on the business case and the data assessment
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Cloud Start: Programme Management

  • discover how to free more energy for your mission and enable your organization to focus on impact
  • optimize your programme processes using our proven reference processes
  • perform a fit-gap-analysis with our programme management for nonprofit cloud and review your data for migration to the cloud
  • gain first-hand experience in working as a connected nonprofit using Salesforce and draw a roadmap for a successful (phased) implementation
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marketing automation for
nonprofit cloud

  • seamless integration with you Salesforce CRM
  • gain insight into the behavior of your supporters
  • spend less time on repetitive tasks
  • gain insight in the ROI of your marketing efforts
  • relevant and personalized communication with your supporters
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plan & deploy

Lift & Shift

  • understanding and reviewing the current architecture, to discuss the target infrastructure and its requirements
  • providing a detailed design and implementation plan for various business processes and policies
  • finalizing the proposed architecture from the initial workshops
  • migrating the systems, redeploying and configuring them if necessary
  • testing the new cloud infrastructure
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GCP training

  • exploring and deploying solution elements through a combination of presentations, demos, and hands-on labs
  • understanding a wide variety of tools, solution domains, use cases, and applications on Google Cloud Platform
  • gaining a clear view on best practices, and deeper knowledge on solution patterns, methods, technologies, and designs
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Desktop as a Service

  • creating a robust, secure and easy-to-manage cloud infrastructure for your legacy applications
  • setting up the DaaS infrastructure and linking to your current Active Directory infrastructure
  • training your administrators
  • providing a cloud native experience by giving access to legacy applications via the browser
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Agile Cloud Application Development

  • making it possible to validate, build and test business applications in the cloud
  • defining the scope of the application, giving a realistic estimation and delivering a targeted project approach
  • providing Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals and Scrum methodology training
  • kickstarting agile development to deliver a business application with a robust cloud backend and attractive user interface on web and mobile devices
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Google Marketing Data Cloud

  • defining a plan for marketing optimization strategy
  • leveraging Google Cloud Platform technology to bring together, store, clean up, and analyze your data points from various sources
  • using Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence to develop models that help you build comprehensive customer profiles, and get deep insight from the data
  • leveraging this data in your digital marketing strategy
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G Suite: Mail & Agenda

  • starting with a deployment workshop, to create and support an Early Adopters Team
  • going from the global go-live to end user training and support
  • increased ease of project management
  • introducing change management, with a communication plan and trainingsplan
  • providing technical consultancy and the initial set-up, as well as licences, training, aftercare & support
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fundraising for nonprofit cloud

  • benefit from a unified platform to track and manage all of your data
  • gain insight into the behavior of your supporters
  • track and measure impact in real time
  • unlock donor data and take every constituent on their own personal journey, resulting in raising more resources
  • create transparency for donors and other stakeholders
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Chrome Management Kickstart

  • learning about the characteristics of Chrome, Chrome devices and Chrome Management for enterprise computing
  • pinpointing your company’s specific needs and requirements regarding the management of Chrome devices
  • setting up the Chrome Management domain, with technical consultancy, as well as aftercare and support
  • receiving a blueprint of the proposed set-up and configurations
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Programme Management for Nonprofit Cloud

  • spend less time on administration and focus on your core activities instead
  • phase out manual data entry, for better data quality and validation at input
  • set goals for your organization, and measure impact and pipeline targets against them
  • have full accountability on your application process
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Google Voice

  • easy to use apps - familiar to the rest of G Suite - to streamline your communication
  • simplifed administration that allows for easy provisioning, porting, and deployment
  • SPAM call protection that prevents unwanted distractions
  • single mobile app to manage personal and business calls, voicemails, and text messages
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G Suite Adoption

  • Creating an Adoption Status report, based on a thorough analysis of current G Suite usage
  • Discussing and defining of projects, selecting resources and creating the project timeline
  • Executing and reviewing the projects, to improve adoption rates
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Salesforce admin on demand

  • Creating workflows
  • Generating reports & dashboards
  • Adding roll-up fields
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Cloud Optimize: Containers & Kubernetes

  • training to bring the customer team up to speed with the latest container technology on Google Cloud Platform
  • discovery of the application landscape, identification of applications fit for containerization and prioritization, designing a suitable PoC afterward
  • selection of the optimal container hosting solution: managed vs unmanaged
  • optimization of the application for a cloud-native environment (become stateless, fast start-up)
  • reduction of the application footprint by decomposing it into separate components (microservices architecture)
  • definition of a multi-tenant architecture
  • design of continuous deployment processes
  • implementation of PoC
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  • training on infrastructure-as-code concepts, scoping of the first implementation and determination of the North star
  • selection of possible tooling options
  • integration with code repository and CI/CD system scoping of PoC
  • implementation of PoC
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