Discovering Google Glass

Discovering Google Glass

As g-company, we have the great privilege of trying out Google Glass. For now, Google is only available within the Explorer program, not available to the general public for the time being and that makes sense. It is not quite ready for it yet. It's a wondrous device and has an almost magical feel to it.

The Google Glass gives you information in a smartphone-like hands-free format. In addition, you communicate with the Internet using voice control. The intention is that with the help of Google Glass computers will come closer to people and not get in the way, they should actually make life easier.



 A touchpad is found on the side of the Google Glass. You can control the device with the touchpad through a timeline-like interface on the screen. Through this interface you can navigate to current events such as the weather and other events such as phone calls, photos and updates.



Google Glass has the ability to record photos and videos in 720p HD quality.



A Micro LED is projected into your field of view at a 45-degree angle via a screen with a translucent mirror.



Google Glass Apps are free applications built by third-party developers. Glass also uses many existing Google applications, such as Google Now, Google Translate, Google Maps, Google + and Gmail.


 MyGlass App 

Google also offers an App for Android and iOS called MyGlass that allows you to configure and manage the device.


 Voice control 

In addition to the touchpad, you can also control the Google Glass through Voice Command. Once the Google Glass is activated you can say an action such as: "Take a picture", or "Record a video", or "Google, In what year was Wikipedia founded?".



There is a lot of discussion about privacy. There are certainly places where it is better not to use Google Glass like, for example, in a doctor's waiting room. As far as I am concerned, it is up to the user of the glasses to consider the privacy of others when using and wearing the glasses. It's not much different from walking around with a cell phone or with a hidden camera. It is not done to film everyone just like that.


 Initial findings 

The voice control is extremely good and works with just about any voice. You can easily give the glasses to someone else to use. She doesn't have to get used to your voice and you get real answers to your questions. Truly wonderful. There is an app that allows you to look at a piece of text in Spanish, French or other language, and it is translated into English. You look at it and see in the screen the text being translated, also very magical! I also tried the heart running app from Strava. You continuously see the speed, distance and time on the screen, and also get the split times read out. Very convenient. The Glass stays on your nose and works fine. Google Glass is a special thing and hugely innovative. We are only at the beginning and we expect that it will bring a lot. We will continue to experiment with it and share our experiences in the near future.

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